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If you’re still following this blog for weeb trash i’ve moved to

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a-singular-canadian replied to your post: Im thinking of remaking my blog im not…

can we have the URL of your new blog?

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Anonymous Asked: are you going to be more active on the other blog?

100% of my activity is going into my other blog for the foreseeable future. I will only be checking this blog every now and then just in case I get asks like these. :)

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New blog!

I just made a new blog! I wont be deleting this one, ill probably come back some time in the future.

Its currently empty and looks shit but in time it should only look shit, and be filled with a load of lame anime shit and w/e. Here it is if you want to follow me and keep up with my weeabo shitbaby ways.

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I’m gonna make a new blog, but I wont delete this one, i’ll just leave it so that if it comes to it, i can come back at any given point, brush the dust off and continue being shitty. I suppose that way instead of being at a loss because I deleted this one, i can just run back without any regrets really.

I just have some undismissable feeling of discontent with this account, so i guess im just trying to refresh myself by making a new one. If i fail, it’ll just be like that one part where shrek turns himself into a beautiful man, but its a ruse and the truth is that he was a beautiful all along.

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locrlian replied to your post: i think im just gonna go through and m…

useful tip: don’t remake

im gonna remake and there’s nothing you can do to stop me !!!

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Remaking and getting all the followers is gonna be a pain man

im not bothered about followers i just want to make sure i follow the blogs i like most and stuff when i make this new one v~v

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i think im just gonna go through and make a list of mutuals and then delete this blog and make a new one

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Im thinking of remaking my blog

im not 100% sure yet but i kind of want to start fresh, it still feels like im riding off the popularity of how my blog used to be or whatever

im just kinda discontent with this blog as a whole and i feel like starting again will refresh me

ill give it a little bit of thinking over but yeah i may delete this one and start anew

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